How to cook delicious rice

There are things we can tell you because I come in contact with rice every day.
we will teach you how to cook delicious rice.

grind rice

measure the rice


Slice it with a special measuring cup (1 go = 180 ml) and measure it accurately. If the amount is less or more than the cup, there will be an error in the amount of water, so be sure to be aware of the level.
*When using a commercially available measuring cup, check the capacity (200 ml, etc.) carefully.

Transfer to a colander for polishing rice


Transfer the weighed rice to a colander for polishing rice.

fill the bowl with water


Prepare a bowl large enough to fit a colander and fill it with water.

soak in water


Dip the rice in a colander into the bowl of water all at once, stir gently once or twice, and immediately raise the colander. Rice absorbs water quickly and absorbs the odor of rice bran, so it is important to perform the first rinse quickly.

wash rice gently


After the first rinse, fill the bowl with fresh water and gently stir to wash. Repeat this 2-3 times.
If the rice cracks, it will become sticky, so the trick is not to apply force or stir it roughly.

drain water


Drain the rice until no more water drips from the colander. In the case of rice of about 3 go, draining is completed in about 1 to 2 minutes.

Adding water and cooking rice

Transfer the rice to the inner pot and add water


After washing the rice, transfer the rice from the colander to the inner pot and add water.
The best amount of water is 1.2 times the volume of the rice in the washed rice, but if there is a scale on the rice cooker, it’s OK to follow it.
*For new rice, use less water than usual.
* Make fine adjustments according to your preference, such as softness or firmness.

Soak thoroughly


It is important to let water penetrate enough to the center of the rice in order to cook it plumply to the core. Gently stir to mix the rice and water well and smooth it out.
The water absorption time is usually about 30 minutes, and in winter, the water temperature is low, so it is ideal to soak it for about 60 minutes.
Turn on the rice cooker and start cooking.

Finished cooking

gently loosen


Loosen the rice immediately after steaming.  Cut the rice spatula into the pot so as not to crush the grains, and gently mix them gently by digging them up from the bottom of the pot. By loosening the rice, the moisture content of the rice is evened out, and excess water vapor escapes, making the rice fluffy and delicious.

Please enjoy delicious rice